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The Art of Smart(er) TV. 
Free, streaming programming that speaks to viewers’ passions. Created by experts in film, food, entertainment, news and tech, and curated by our Emmy-award winning producers. All backed by a seamless, viewer-friendly advertising model. Watch Portico TV online now!


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Net2TV In The News

nScreen Media: Linear Online TV Channels Combine the Best of Web and TV Worlds “The company can aggregate a sizable audience for small niches that traditional TV DMAs couldn’t possibly afford to reach.”

MarketWatch: Time Inc. to Add “Sports Illustrated” Weekly Show to Net2TV’s Portico Free-To-Watch TV Service “Sports Illustrated” is hosted by Maggie Gray and will offer features, behind-the-scenes sports stories and in-depth analysis from the iconic sports media franchise.

Wall Street Journal: Meredith & Net2TV to Launch “Better Homes and Gardens” Streaming Television Show “Gayle Butler, Editor-in-Chief, Better Homes and Gardens says, “We’re thrilled to partner with Net2TV to bring our award-winning content to a new audience and in a new format.”

Broadcasting & Cable:  Net2TV Gets Print and Web on the Same Page “We work really hard behind the curtain to make what’s in front of the curtain look like linear, long-form television.”

TV News Check: Time and Net2TV In Pact To Stream TV Shows “Time Inc. and Net2TV Corp. are bringing Time’s signature brands to television.”

Business Wire: Bonnier and Net2TV Renew “Popular Science” TV Show, Add “Cycle World” and “Saveur” Programs “Portico TV viewers crave the deep expertise and compelling stories that Bonnier’s brands deliver.”

VideoNuze: Bonnier’s “Cycle World” and “Saveur” Videos Curated Into TV Programs by Portico TV  “Net2TV’s model is to create ad-supported TV-like experiences using high-quality short-form videos from branded partners.”

NScreen Media: Net2TV’s Cloud-Based Dynamic Ad Insertion Extends Magazine Revenue Reach  “Platforms like Portico TV provide a simple way for a magazine to deliver to a wider audience.”

TVTechnology ’Casting Wars’ Augur Next Airwaves/Attention Battle

Broadcasting & Cable:  Net2TV’s Portico TV Service Launches on Toshiba, Sharp Devices

NScreen Media: Portico TV Adds Sharp TVs, Toshiba Laptops and Tablets: Available on 10 Million Screens

Forbes: The New World of Passion Television
“Net2TV offers the kind of narrowcast channels that were unimaginable a decade ago…”

Multichannel News: Net2TV Sees More Than One Way To Launch A ‘Channel’ These Days

"What if the future of TV looks like its past and present?" - Ad Age

“What if the future of TV looks like its past and present?” – Ad Age

Huffington Post Media: What Channel is ABC?

nScreenMedia: Newsy and Net2TV Create 30 Minute Headline News Show Online

Ad Age: Net2TV Brings TV’s Traditional Business Model to Its Web Video Service

Broadcasting and Cable: Net2TV’s Portico TV Service to Bow on Roku

Media Post: Online Media Daily: Portico TV to Run Ads in June

VideoNuze: Net2TV’s Portico to Launch on Roku Ad Insertion Enabled

Multichannel News: ActiveVideo Rides Roku Wave

Streaming Media: Net2TV Launches, Focusing on Streaming to the Living Room.

All Things D: Web Video, on Your TV, That Looks Like TV

Broadcasting & Cable: Net 2TV Launches Portico Streaming TV Service