Thomas Morgan

Tom Morgan

Founder + CEO

Guiding Mantra
Tom is a true believer in the power of television to entertain, educate, inform, and persuade.

Number of Years in Digital Media and Interactive Services Marketing

Qualifications for Founding a Cloud-Based Internet TV Company
Before founding Net2TV in 2012, Tom spent a decade focused on business development in the digital TV space, with special attention to advertising models for DVRs, video on demand (VOD), and broadband TV. Over the last 30 years, he’s held executive or consulting positions with Virgin Media, Nickelodeon/MTV, IDG and AOL, as well as a several start-ups.

How Did He Earn His Internet TV Merit Badge?
Tom was CEO of, a consulting firm that developed premium Internet television services in collaboration with clients like Virgin Management Group Ltd. Previously, he had been chief strategy officer of Move Networks, which provided the advertising technology platform used by,, ESPN360, and other TV-based Internet sites.

How Did He Get All Those Arrows in His Chest?
Tom pioneered a new era of digital TV advertising as founder and CEO of BlackArrow Corporation, the premier cable VOD ad system. BlackArrow is used by Comcast and other multiple system operators (MSOs) for dynamic, profile-based, on-demand TV ads. Tom also co-founded the DiMA Group, a digital TV consulting and research firm that BlackArrow acquired in 2004.

How Did He Get His Feet Wet?
Early in his career, Tom held executive positions at America Online, BroadVision, IDG Interactive Services and MTV/Nickelodeon. He earned his master’s degree in business administration from Stanford University Graduate School of Business and his bachelor’s degree in econometrics and quantitative economics from Occidental College.

Why He’s Passionate about Net2TV
It’s a chance to solve the ‘500 channels and there’s nothing on’ problem. It’s an opportunity to create great TV based on a great business model for program developers and advertisers. In the end the viewer wins.

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